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Long-Term Care

Since the national insurance picture is changing lately, we've received questions about Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance ...

The short story is that if you ever need long-term care, the cost of long-term care has the potential to completely deplete your savings. Some level of coverage is very smart in order to transfer some of this sizable risk to an experienced insurance company. If you ever can't do two of the six activities of daily living or ever have dementia, you will have a policy to mitigate the risk whether it is an issue tomorrow or when you are age 90.

Many individuals are not aware that they are at risk to outlive their retirement income. Boomers tend to focus on priorities such as funding their children’s education and investing in their retirement. Female boomers may be at a greater risk. They may fall into the circumstances of the “sandwich generation” by typically having to sort out the responsibility of taking care of their children as well as their parents. Couple this with longevity and increasing health care expenses and what can you expect? What is your solution? Are you prepared to deal with this potential crisis?

LTC Insurance policies help your family with the burden of crisis management. It is a present that you can give your family to alleviate the coordination of care and financial burden should long-term care be needed.

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