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"Retire" Your Current You (To Become ALL You Can Be)

We can always improve so it’s natural for us to wish for “more” (more happiness and more pleasure) and to never be satisfied, but what if it’s not “more” that we need, but rather “more balance” that we need to be ALL we can be?

More balance and better balance (with regards to our desires versus our appreciation for what we have) must be our focus or else life will eventually FORCE us back into balance.

Wolf of Wall StreetA great example is the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” which might need an even tighter cautionary movie rating (for all the illegal drug use, prostitution and out-of-balance hedonism). Though I hate for the investment industry to have a big crook like “The Wolf” highlighted, it does prove that the out-of-balance crook eventually pays the price and goes to jail. The Wolf is one guy who should have made some resolutions to get more in balance.

YOU are hopefully not so out-of-balance that you might go to jail, but maybe you do need to cut back on your recent holiday eating pace, or maybe you need to cut back on smoking or too much sedentary TV watching. If you do bad habits long enough, you do pay the price in having lung issues or weight gain. The eating and drinking issue is the most common New Year’s issue since we all know it can lead to loss of energy or worse, having to buy new clothes, or even worse things like diabetes, heart issues, or missing opportunities to pursue your dreams. On top of the long-term issues are the increased short-term risks of bad habits.

For example, texting and driving just one time can lead to wrapping your car around a tree (or an innocent bystander). The odds are it won’t, but the odds are way better if you never started the behavior. This happened for “The Wolf” played by Leonardo DeCaprio in that one small bad act by him of cheating a client lead to more and bigger criminal acts until he was eventually out of control and couldn’t recover and survived with heavy drug use which made things even worse. He had his own luxury car wreck, along with a luxury helicopter wreck and luxury yacht wreck in the middle of the ocean.

We all have choices and when we say "Yes” to one thing, we are likely saying “No” to other things. If you are staring at your smart phone, you are definitely cutting time you could spend on physical one-on-one relationships for example. It’s a matter of whether we are feeding the wolf of bad habits or the wolf of great habits (and it’s the great habits which lead to being all you can be) … it’s your choice.

Jon Dewar in Low Resolution
Are your financial goals in low resolution? Contact us to help.
I’ve posted some great new ways of thinking about New Year’s resolutions on our social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter), and have written more on the subject. Let us know what your resolutions and goals are (especially the financial ones), and we’ll do our best to help you achieve them. If you have any questions about how to get connected to our social media, let us know or if you want to read more on any financial subject let us know.

In the meantime, go for a walk, go take a deserved nap, hug a deserved loved-one, GIVE more hope to the next person instead of doubt. Go write the first paragraph of your book, schedule a meeting with a financial advisor (like me) to map out your retirement plan, book a flight for your sabbatical vacation, cancel your TV cable package, get to work early. Go dust off the bicycle and use it, get the weights and running shoes out and use them, clean one room, say one prayer. Go move toward the more balanced you who is ALL you can be, the person who daily shows love and courage and has plenty of ENTHUSIASM! Smile


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