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Thank Goodness It's Almost Fall!

Thank goodness it's almost Fall!

Summer beach trips are always fun, especially on the coast of the Carolinas where many of us have enjoyed family this year, but the season is normally much MORE fun when we don't have to worry about our investments and retirement planning. Unfortunately, with regard to investments, most of us were definitely in choppy waters in August without much of a lifeguard for aggressive investors. 

I don't think it's a coincidence that August was also the month of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, since most of us had a sizable bite taken out of our equity retirement funds last month. Maybe some of the same beach safety tips we all know could help us in our investing strategy as well?

Many of you will just keep swimming as usual whenever big waves hit or market sharks bite, and maybe all will be fine because you have plenty of time to recover from any bites and scrapes you take. The majority of our clients however are concerned with retirement, and therefore need a bit more protection or strategies to handle the waves and sharks.

So what are the top protection ideas and ways to handle the crashing waves from this @RetirementGeek ?

The first protection idea, and the top one to mind for many investors, is to "Get Out of the Water!" also known as "move to cash!" This could be a great idea for you if you have every penny saved that you'll need for the rest of your life saved up, but most of us know that low 1% guaranteed returns will eat up our buying power over time because of inflation. Moving a little bit more to cash as a tweak (instead of a panic) could be a better idea so talk to us about the amount that might makes sense for you. We've found that "tweaks" work better than wildly pulling out and putting in to the market, hoping to time things perfectly twice.

Since others of you still want to go swimming and stay invested, you probably would love to have a life preserver and lifeguard of some sort. Can this be done with your retirement funds? Yes! This can be done with protected fixed annuities where the insurance company can guarantee both earnings and principal. This is another protection idea to consider for some of your money, but remember that there are pros and cons to every investment and for these there could be surrender penalties and taxes and penalties on gains withdrawn before age 59 ½ to consider. Annuities can be a way for you to still make retirement progress when the "market shark" bites since the lifeguard and preserver are there for you. 

My final ideas at this time of the year (when the waves are literally crashing and the market sharks are out) come from the only swimmers who actually enjoy big waves: Surfers!

Surfers learned to ride on top of the waves and enjoy the ups and downs, so maybe you can consider doing this with your investing? For those of you with long enough time horizons and a strong stomach, you can consider ignoring cash, you can consider throwing off the life preserver and you can get on top of the waves with some retirement fund moves to sectors and asset classes of the market that we like right now such as technology, mid-cap, and high yield sectors. Sure, you can crash and lose money, but you also might have a fantastically enjoyable ride.

Call me to go over why we like these sectors and asset classes and we can go over all of the pros and cons of all of our ideas for these volatile times! If we can meet your retirement goals, then we can get you to the beach more often (and thank goodness most of the year isn't Shark Week!).

That's all for now from the head @RetirementGeek , Jon Dewar

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. To determine which investment(s) may be appropriate for you, consult your financial advisor prior to investing. All performance referenced is historical and is no guarantee of future results.


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